Ready-to-eat Guangdong cured meat to be available in Singapore soon

"Cured chicken, duck and goose are all famous Guangdong delicacies. We plan to export them to RCEP countries," Yang Sifa, the sales director of Huizhou Tangshunxing Food Co., Ltd., told Joyce Lee, Vice President of Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China Guangdong Branch, when he showed Joyce around the company's packing workshop.

Taking the opportunity of the ongoing FHA Food&Beverage Asia 2023 in Singapore from April 25 to 28, Joyce Lee, also a Singaporean businesswoman in the food industry, paid a visit to Huizhou Tangshunxing Food Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Tangshunxing Food Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-foreign equity joint venture integrating tpoultry breeding, processing and sales. It features its poultry food series entitled "Tangshunxing". In 2022, the company’s total annual sales of pre-made cuisine reached 310 million yuan.

"We've made cured meat for almost 20 years, and supplied ingredients to Hong Kong and Macao for over 28 years," Yang said. The company enjoys a big market share in the Hong Kong and Macao SARs, supplying its chilled, fresh and pre-made poultry such as boiled sliced chicken, salt-baked chicken, marinated duck and roast goose. Its Tangshunxing Hong Kong Cold Chain Distribution Park serves as the largest poultry distribution centre in Hong Kong, working to meet the demand of the locals.

In addition to occupying the market in Hong Kong and Macao, Shunxing also plans to expand the market in Southeast Asia. Since 2016, it has developed strategic partners in Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Thailand and completed the registration of export recommendations in countries such as Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

"We hope to supply more overseas areas besides the domestic market. For example, Southeast Asia and the US, where a large number of overseas Chinese settle down. Most of them come from Guangdong," Yang said. Those overseas Chinese have a strong inclination to pre-made cured meat, so there is a huge market potential lying in those who want to enjoy the tastes of their hometown. “This is also our pathway to expand our business into overseas markets,” he said.

"We also hope that more and more pre-made Guangdong cuisine can be exported to Singapore and go global," Joyce replied, after learning that the company intends to expand its overseas market.

Reporter | Nancy Ye, Lin Jianmin

Video & Photo | Li Qiaoxin, Xu Xiaoxin, Qin Shaolong

English subtitle | Nancy Ye

Editor | Olivia, Nan, James